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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Discrete cyber silence

Here's a brand new reason for my not posting so often: sometimes the news is so BIG that premature posting might jeopardize the whole thing. (See? I can excercize discretion!) As soon as the embargo on this news is lifted, I shall post from anywhere in the world I happen to be. It's that big!

In the meantime, let me fill up this space with banal offerings such as last week's Ice Cream Social, hosted by our Wellness Initiative (the same folks that gave us the "Gaelic & Garlic" party, Korean Harvest Festival and other gala gatherings in months and years past.

 Dr. Claudia Koblenz-Sulkov (OSP) and Fr. Ernie Lukaschek, pastoral coordinator, served up the confections to order.
Br. Wayne Fitzpatrick became expert at the banana split.

Fr. Mike Duggan, US Regional, came to serve, not be served

Along with delicious ice cream sundaes (an odd choice, given the number of diabetics in residence), there was an entertainer straight out of the Borscht Belt.

For a nominal fee, I will gladly delete this photo from the blog.