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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Update on security

As has been announced on the Construction Bulletin Board near the dining room entrance for the past several months, Phase 2 of our security measures is nearing completion. In the near future (we will first be alerted by email and letters in our mailboxes), you will need a white security card not just to get into the building but also to ride elevators higher than the 1st Floor. The M-wing elevator does not yet require any use of a security card to go to any floors, but due to a programming error, the F-wing and R-wing elevators are already requiring you to use your card before pushing a button for floor 2, 3, 4, or 5."

Regarding stairwells – the new security card readers in the M, C, and R wing stairwells have not yet been activated. You may simply open the doors on any floor without first swiping your security card even though the card reader will then beep.

People "staying at the Knoll" are all issued with security cards. It is only visitors, who are not staying at the Knoll, who will either need to enter via the Rotunda door or phone security from the phone inside the sliding glass doors

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Extra security

Phase 2 of our security measures went into effect today without fanfare. You now need a white security card not just to get into the building but also to ride elevators higher than the 1st Floor.

Stairwells, too, require a security card to open onto the desired floor.

People without cards who are staying at the Knoll will have to enter through the main door to gain access to the first floor (chapel, museum, meeting rooms and gift shop) and ground floor (dining room).

Feel safer?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Body of Christ

Mr. Harry Florentine, who volunteers several times a week in our library, took this most excellent picture of Deacon Dae Kim during the ordination Mass.

Noodles for you and for many

The parish hosted a light lunch of noodles following Sunday Mass to fete Dae on his diaconate.

Thanks to many!

THANKS to all the people who worked behind and in front of the scenes to help make the Rev. Mr. Dae Wook Kim’s permanent oath and diaconate so memorable:

1)   Bishop Bill Mc Naughton, M.M., who overcame initial reservations about the possibility of a snowstorm, and agreed to make the trek down from Boston and to Br. Brendan Corkery, M.M., who volunteered to drive the bishop here, making my job WAY easier.
2)   Mr. Christopher Reilly, our director of music, who arranged THREE programs in short order (The Newtown Memorial, the Solemn Vespers for Oath and the Diaconate).
3)   Ms. Lorena Lopez, director of printing services, and her crew who got the last two programs printed with less than three days notice.
4)   Fr. Joe LaMar, M.M., MC to the bishop, who continually updated and edited the ceremonies as they developed.
5)   Ms. Theresa Rodrigues, sacristan, for helping set up the altar, ordered flowers, prepared concelebration stoles, and found the bishop’s stool!
6)   Rev. Mr. Paul Kim, Brooklyn diocesan seminarian, who proclaimed the Gospel in Korean and English and who helped iron out the liturgical kinks during the ceremony.
7)   Deacon Paul Chin, for assisting during the ordination and Eucharist.
8)   Fr. Gabriel Lee, pastor of St. Paul Chon Ha-Sang in Flushing, who made the parish available and made countless adjustments for our celebrations.
9)   Sr. Marie Cordis and Sr. Paulina, Olivetine Benedictines, who tirelessly and cheerfully accommodated our constantly changing requests.
10) All the candidates who conscientiously fulfilled their liturgical duties.
11)  Ms. Clara So-Yeon Kim, director of the most excellent Logos Student Choir
12)  Ms. Elizabeth Nam Hyo-Jeong, accompanist.
13)  The Hanullim Choir (from the 8 a.m. Mass, in which Dae’s father sings) for offering the “special song” (The Promised Land) in Korean.
14)  Fr. Ed Szendrey, M.M., for cantoring at the vespers, and for taking pix .
15)  Mr. Harry Florentine, for also taking most excellent pix.
16)  The Vocations Committee of St. Paul’s, headed by Ms. Esther Mun and Mr. Laurentio Choi, for hosting the luncheon for Maryknollers at San Su Gap San Korean Restaurant following the ceremony.
17)  Ms. Angela Noh, proprietor of the restaurant, for her more than generous gift to Maryknoll.
18)  Mr. Paul Cho, choir member, for donating the wine for the luncheon.
19)  Fr. John Eybel, M.M. and Br. Joe Bruener, M.M., formators, for sponsoring the reception after the Mass and for going along with all this!
20) The parishioners of St. Paul’s for hosting the lunch after the Sunday Mass and for fostering vocations.

(Rev.) Joe Veneroso, M.M.
Director of Society Liturgies

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another party!

Following the 11 o'clock Sunday Mass of the Epiphany in Korean at St. Paul Chong Ha Sang church in Flushing, NY, the parishioners feted the Rev. Mr. Dae Wook Kim along with the Maryknoll candidates and formators---and 250 people!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rev. Mr. Dae Wook Kim, M.M.

At a Mass this morning at St. Paul Chong Ha-Sang parish in Flushing, NY, Bishop William McNaughton, M.M, ordained Dae Kim into the Order of Deacons.

Forty Maryknoll priests, Brothers and formation candidates attended, along with about 220 Korean parishioners--including two choirs! At the altar were Fr. Ed Dougherty M.M.,(superior general), Fr. John Eybel, M.M., (rector) and Fr. Gabriel Lee, pastor.

Fr. Joe LaMar, M.M., acted as master of ceremonies and Deacon Paul Chin and Rev. Mr. Paul Kim served as deacon of the Word and of the Eucharist respectively.

Following the Mass, a reception in the parish hall for all who attended the Mass was sponsored by our Initial Formation team.

Following that reception, a formal luncheon at San Su Gap San restaurant to thank Maryknoll was hosted by the parish vocation team

And following two Masses tomorrow (at one of which our new deacon will preach) another reception sponsored by the parish will honor Dae.

M.M. might need W.W. (Weight Watchers)!