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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Aftermath + 24 hours

Bethany remains in the dark. Lay missioners come over to shower.

St. Teresa's has its power back.

Surrounding towns and villages still in the dark.

Cablevision still out, but four places around our building, including the library, have satellite DirectTV.

More of our employees came in to work today, although we remained officially closed. We used disposable plates and cups because the dishwasher didn't come in.

Ambulances cannot get to Phelps hospital (the other rumor is that Phelps has also been evacuated), so emergency cases are taken to Westchester Medical Center.

Fr. Jim Gilligan was relieved to learn his family and house are safe in Breezy Point, Queens, where 100+ homes burned to the ground last night.

On a human and humous note: as per Fr. Jack King's request, after the singing of the Salve Regina to end the graveside (Spellman Room) service, family members led the community on singing his life's theme song: Louie Armstrong's "It's a Wonderful World."

This is not without precedent. Years ago Br. Paul Chamberlain requested "As Time Goes By" be sung at his funeral. And we do play Taps at Maryknoll/military funerals.

So Missioners, now's a good time to consider what show tune you'd like at your send-off. (I am torn between "The Impossible Dream" and "Caberet.")

Ryder Road blocked

Traffic is being diverted through our property.

Sandy Update: St. Teresa's dark

The back-up generator at St. Teresa's failed, leaving its residents in the dark, reports Fr. Emile Dumas, director.

Emergency generators are being hooked up, providing light but insufficient to operate elevators.

Volunteers may be required to help delivery food trays during lunch.

An unsecured piece of library patio furniture blew off from the roof and crashed to the ground, luckily missing people and property.

Ryder Rd. is blocked in front of our building due to a tree across the wires.

Bethany is also without power. The lay missioners-in-training may need to come over here for showers, etc.

Welcome to mission.

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Wrath of Sandy

This pine split in two and now blocks our southern driveway. Another uprooted but fell towards the soccer field. Our power went out momentarily twice during the wake service for Fr. Jack King last night, before our generator kicked back on.

Ossining and much of Westchester went dark. I could see flashes as at least three transformers exploded.

Cablevision is off (luckily I switched to satellite Direct TV three months ago! Mwuahaha!)

Rosa and Margy are the skeleton crew from Sodexo who remained to assure we get our breakfast.

More updates anon.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Like a mighty stone fortress, Mother Knoll safeguards our residents against nature's fury, a.k.a. Hurricane Sandy. So far it has been mostly a wind event, but these are picking up and the main rains are expected around 6 p.m.

The employees were sent home early. A few stalwart workers volunteered to stay on and stay over. Thankfully Rosa in the kitchen will see us through the next few meals, albeit with reheated entrees and disposable plates.

We are fairing better (so far) that the lower lying places (i.e. New York City) which is bracing for the high tides/full moon/storm surge combo. Meteorologists say flooding could go as high as Poughkeepsie.

The wake for Fr. John King will be held nonetheless tonight, although following tomorrow's funeral we'll have to wait another day for the burial.

Now that I am back from a European cruise, and attending the canonization of St. Kateri, and a visit to the ancestral Veneroso homestead, I am rested and ready to once again flood cyberspace with interesting tidbits of life here at the Center.