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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An anecdote about Fr. Price

Fr.Kevin Hanlon related the following story about the time Fr. Price was traveling out West by stagecoach. Two women were his co-passengers and, after some curiosity and whispering, asked this strange man all dressed in black and saying his Latin breviary, "Be ye a papist priest?"

He responded calmly, "Madam, I am priest of the Roman Catholic Church."

"Are you from these parts?"

"Yes, I am a born and bred Tar Heel," he assured them.

After more whispering, one ventured, "Is it true all you popish priests have horns?"

He calmly removed his hat to reveal his hornless head. Then, pointing to a pimple on his forehead, said, "But I am still a young priest. My horns are just coming in."

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