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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5.8 Earthquake

Nancy Kleppel and I looked across the table at one another and asked simultaneously, "Did you feel that?"

Head Chef Mike McLoughlin and Sodexo Manager Margie Sheehan said they didn't feel anything. Mike suggested there was construction going on. Two more minutes into our meeting of the All-Important Food Committee, my iPhone went nuts with Tweets, Facebook updates and news alerts.

All are safe here and plans continue apace to host 650 Haitians on Saturday for a day of prayer for which the six lawn-killing tents went up again today. These will come down on Monday, the lawn will be dead but in three weeks will rise again---only to be resacrificed for the Maryknoll Alumni Weekend, Sept. 15-18.

In addition, 40 Korean Sunday School teachers will be here for their annual workshop. To date, they have not hurt the grass.

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