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Monday, January 23, 2012

Lunar New Year

Thank goodness the 35 Korean Sunday School Teachers had a wonderful retreat here last weekend and were long gone before culturally sensitive Missioners celebrated Lunar (Chinese) New Year this evening.

It was a noble effort by our Sodexo staff on very short notice. Fr. Ed Szendrey reminded me only last Wednesday and I, as a member of the All-(Self)-Important Food Committee, brought it to the attention of Sodexo Manager Ms. Margaret Ellcott-Sheehan, pictured here in a traditional Korean "Han Bok".

The kitchen prepared sesame chicken, jaozhe (dumplings to gringos, mandu to Koreans), sautéed beef, rice, Bok Choy, soup and even Kimchi, which was surprisingly well received.

The tables and walls were festooned in red banners and various Chinese characters for "Gung Hey Fat Choy."

Chief chef Mike McLoughlin whipped together a wonderful confection of fried bananas & apples or mangoes with chocolate sauce.

A great time was had by most.

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