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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Like a mighty stone fortress, Mother Knoll safeguards our residents against nature's fury, a.k.a. Hurricane Sandy. So far it has been mostly a wind event, but these are picking up and the main rains are expected around 6 p.m.

The employees were sent home early. A few stalwart workers volunteered to stay on and stay over. Thankfully Rosa in the kitchen will see us through the next few meals, albeit with reheated entrees and disposable plates.

We are fairing better (so far) that the lower lying places (i.e. New York City) which is bracing for the high tides/full moon/storm surge combo. Meteorologists say flooding could go as high as Poughkeepsie.

The wake for Fr. John King will be held nonetheless tonight, although following tomorrow's funeral we'll have to wait another day for the burial.

Now that I am back from a European cruise, and attending the canonization of St. Kateri, and a visit to the ancestral Veneroso homestead, I am rested and ready to once again flood cyberspace with interesting tidbits of life here at the Center.

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