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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sad news from Hong Kong

Word was received late last night of the sudden passing of Mr. A-Kao Lam (right), close friend to many Maryknollers, but especially faithful and loyal friend to Father Ron Saucci (left). Ron had gone to Maryknoll Hospital in Hong Kong overnight for blood work, and A-Kao accompanied him. Sometime during the night, A-Kao apparently suffered a fatal heart attack.

This news took so many of us by surprise as Ron has been battling a fatal disease for years and A-Kao seemed the epitome of health and vigor, even at his advanced age. Ron had worried what A-Kao would do without him and used to joke that Ron's tombstone should read: "A-Kao, go home!"

Well, it looks like A-Kao has indeed gone home and now we wonder what Ron will do without him. Such friends are rare. Cherish yours!

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