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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

End of an era

After 65 years (as long as I've been alive!) of faithful service to Maryknoll, 47 of which were with the Council Secretariat, Nina Planimenta has retired.

She attended the community Mass this morning with Society members on the Lady Chapel, and after lunch in our dining room with Fr. Dougherty and council members, she was given a Despidida of grand proportions in the Asia/Africa room.

Hundreds of employees and society members, in addition to Nina's immediate family, attended and enjoyed tasty treats, many of which were homemade by our loyal staff.

Speakers (in random order) included Fr. Ed Dougherty, superior general; Fr. John Sivalon, former SG; Fr. Art Dwyer, who served on the very first council with Nina back in the day; Maryknoll Sisters President Janice McLaughlin; Sr. Sue Moore; Ms. Denise Schneider, assistant to the US regional superior; Ms. Adrianne Glass, head of HR; Ms. Marge Gaughan, managing editor of MARYKNOLL magazine and moi, on behalf of the rank and file members for whom Nina has been a comforting presence all these years.

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