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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wake for Fr. Jim Madden, M.M.

More than 100 mourners (family, friends, Maryknoll Affiliates and Maryknollers) gathered this evening for the wake celebrating the life and
service of Fr. Jim Madden.

Testimonies came from relatives and colleagues and one from a Peruvian who had worked with Jim in the Alti Plano.

The beautiful spray of roses pictured are from the Maryknoll Affiliates. The other two sprays are from Jim's nieces and nephews.


  1. Several of us were so fortunate to see Father Jim at the Maryknoll International Bazaar in late October 2013. He was very kind to us, showing us places in Maryknoll that very few visitors ever see. We also saw a picture of him in Peru, taken around 1975. It was a wonderful visit, and we took a group picture. Shortly after the visit, we heard about the sad diagnosis, and now mourn his passing, while we celebrate a rich and charitable life.

  2. Today is the first anniversary of our losing Father Jim Madden to eternity. We take great comfort in knowing that is legacy of good works is secure, and that he helped so many people, especially in Peru, while he was on his earthly mission.