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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

For what it's worth

• The new state-of-the-art voting machines they installed throughout New York State did not work here today at Maryknoll, a.k.a. Ossining Voting Precinct 20. And since they already got rid of the old voting lever machines, we who were eligible to vote in today's primary had to resort to ye olde paper ballot. These had to be marked and sealed in an envelope the old fashioned way and will be manually counted at 9:00 p.m. Who says the Third World is gone?

• Looks like we'll be adding the Myanmar flag in the main chapel now that Fr. Jim Kofski is officially assigned to the erstwhile Burma. To be sure, Br. John Beeching has gone in and out for years, but Jim will have residence there. Will we ever add the North Korea flag?

• Maryknoll has purchased a house in Washington, D.C. but so far I haven't learned where it is or who will live there. My guess it will be part Office of Global Concerns and part Promotion, but that is total speculation on my part.

• The liturgy committee agreed on new concelebration stoles for our 100th to replace the ones we have from the 1970s (if only our theology could be so easily updated!) They are reversible, red or white, with a circled, Chi Rho in gold. We await hearing back from Fr. Joy Tajonera as to final adjustments. Once we see the revised sample, I will post a picture here. Center houses or individual Maryknollers who want to order these stoles for your use overseas will be told the cost and given an address to contact Joy directly to place your order.

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