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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

House meeting

Many issues surfaced at our monthly house meeting this afternoon:

Fr. Dick Callahan spoke about the current construction taking place or planned in the coming year. Eight items will come before the 2011 budget committee:

* Swipe cards for security access will be needed for all doors (eight of the 32) from the outside in the near future, but a special glass structure with sliding doors and intercom will be built in the back similar to the one on the side entrance for those who don't yet have a card.

* The mailbox area will be renovated to make it more spacious.

* The tower needs work, especially masonry repairs.

* Blacktopping around the main entrance and driveways, as well as around the gas tanks and St. T's., will be replaced.

* A sprinkler system will be installed in the south quadrangle (where OLOM and the kiosk are) so grass can be readily watered, given the added wear and tear on our lawn with the various

* A columbarium (niches for urns containing ashes) will be constructed behind the Founders Tombs (the Crypt) on either side of the Holy Spirit altar beneath our main altar. Sixty-four 10" x 10" niches are planned. These are for Maryknollers who request cremation. This seems an appropriate place since, in addition to the Founders, plaques with the names of Maryknollers buried overseas or elsewhere in the United States line both walls.

* The main chapel will be cleaned and restored, especially the narthex (thanks to Fr.Ed Szendrey for that bit of pedantic arcana), as the Lady Chapel was last year.


Fr. Kevin Hanlon announced the Benefactors Appreciation Day, our first in three years, will take place on September 25. Eight hundred guests are expected. Concelebrants for Mass are encouraged as are Maryknollers to volunteer to help out and greet guests. Those who have native garb from their mission are encouraged to wear it.


From the all-important Food Committee comes word the summer items will rotate out of the menu, such as chicken wraps and vichyssoise. These will be replaced by more robust fare: pate de fois gras and if your taking this seriously you haven't been reading this blog long or don't know me well.

But seriously, folks, Comment Cards will appear in the dining area beginning tomorrow so no one need wait for the biannual survey to express opinions, questions or suggestions regarding our most excellent Sodexo Food Service.

Oktoberfest will be our next opportunity for ethnic food and, if I might make an educated guess, it will be German food, music and decor and I'll bet anything it'll be in October.

Challah french toast will soon be offered in the morning.

New food survey to go out soon.

Maryknollers are reminded to please sign in guests at meals. Sodexo needs to account for the number of meals even though Maryknollers are not chargged for guests.

Numerous signs in rotunda, announcing various events, often look like those old Burma shave roadside ads. A flatscreen monitor with revolving info will go far to making our main entrance more inviting and classy.


One hundred and ten visitors from the Bronx will be here Sunday on a tour. Members are encouraged to take their meals within the first half hour of mealtime if they wish to avoid the crowd, although the men are encouraged to mingle.


St. Micheal's Day will be a great celebration of our Brothers' feast day---complete with bagpipes!

Lastly, Fr. Emile Dumas sent word from St. Teresa's that the men there are most appreciative of visits from guys here. He encourages more visitors and signing up for Mass there.

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