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Friday, February 11, 2011

Around the Knoll this weekend

Any word on the whereabouts of Fr. Doug May who worked for so many years with the Copts in Egypt? Since no notice was on our bulletin board,I assume he is not in Cairo. It would be interesting to get his take on the amazing events we've witnessed these past days,

A remnant of the old Walsh Building staff will take Ms. Angle Chalk out for lunch today, one of may tokens of appreciation for her many years of faithful and loyal service in helping administrate the MEPD as she enters retirement.

The Westchester Photography Society is holding an exhibit in our Spellman Room until Feb. 25 of about 25 photos taken around the world. Our Centenary flags line each wall, so the internationality of the pictures is emphasized. The framed photographs are for sale.

The Salesion will have a day of recollection here this Monday, February 14.

And finally, on a Zen note: it strikes me as ironic and funny to daintily pick up Hopi's daily contribution to the environment amid literally HUNDREDS of souvenirs the flock of Canada geese deposits daily on our quadrangle lawn and walkway. I allow Hopi to chase them away once a day, but the poor things have no other place to eat. The only grass exposed is in the fire access lanes. Now if they'd just fly south like they're supposed to, they might spare themselves and us these daily indignities. I'm not sure if there is a homily in all this, but this should finally put to rest the observation that "Veneroso doesn't know shishkabob."

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