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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Heart of Jesus & the Super Bowl

At the Knoll this weekend, about 35 Haitians are making a Heart of Jesus Retreat directed by Fr. Romane St. Vil. Between the Haitians and the Koreans, we are making good use of our facilities. If Maryknollers can't get to the mission peoples, let the mission peoples come to Maryknoll.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on the all-important Super Bowl tomorrow. Br. Kevin Dargan is once again organizing a food fest up in the Third Floor TV Room and rec room. In addition to your usually munches, he will prepare ham, beans and various cheeses. I hope there are no serious Steeler fans in the group, because Green Bay is going to kick some Pittsburg butt before the day is out. Well, at least they can take solace in Br. Kevin's comfort food.

Other snippets of news that have fallen between the cyber cracks in recent weeks:

Archbishop Timothy Dolan will no longer be the main celebrant at our official Centennial Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral on October 30 at 2 p.m. It seems that there is a conflict with an important bishops meeting in Rome. So the Maryknoll Centennial Committee for the St. Patrick's celebration is scurrying around for a replacement of equal stature.

Speaking of presiding bishops, I heard from someone who knows that we have yet to settle on the ordaining bishop for the priesthood ordination of Rev. Mr. Rodrigo Ulloa-Chavarry on June 4.

In the Incredibly Vanishing Stuff Around the Knoll category, someone "borrowed" the connecting cables for the TV in the Fourth Floor TV room where Br. David McKenna shows a film every Thursday evening. What's up with that? Methinks a House Meeting is in order to refresh guys' memories about life in our noncommunity community. For example, communal property (breviaries, vestments, stole, purificators etc) is not an open invitation to stock one's own private sacristy. Another issue, public sloppiness. Guys have an almost daily habit of spilling food or beverages in the food line—and then just walking away without bothering to tell the more-than-patient kitchen staff.

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