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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Homeward bound

Greetigs once again from the Free Internet Service at Hong Kong airport. In a few hours I shall be in the air, but my guess is it will be the Cathay Pacific flight to JFK and not the expected Rapture.

Many thanks to all the men in the Korea area for their hospitality during my visit.
Local area superior Father Gerry (or is that with a "J"?) Hammond returned from a meeting in Hong Kong yesterday in time to meet and greet me with all kinds of pictures and publications and info about his important work up North. I should be able to work these into an updated Magazine article on his important ministry.

Everyone continues to be concerned and praying for a return to health for our Vicar General, Father Jose Aramburu. If ever we could use an intercessry miracle from one of our Founders, this is it.

Father Dennis Cleary was kind enough to download my Masan pix onto a flash drive, so there maybe another article in the making.

Fr. Jim Gilligan, our diplomatic (read: "tight-lipped") canon lawyer, visiting Korea for a month, would neither confirm nor deny nor comment on whether the much-dreaded Second Letter and Third Letter have been issued. His advise was simply to "Ask Father Doherty." I shall do just that upon my return to the Knoll this Monday. Or you can just look on the NCR website for yourselves.

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