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Monday, May 23, 2011

ManuOB1 sent you a video: "Catholic songs- "Glory to God" from Maryknoll"

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ManuOB1 has shared a video with you on YouTube: Check out my latest video meditation. This is based on the Glory to God from the Missa ad Gentes by Michael Joncas for our Centenary. Enjoy!

Africa is mother to the human race. The rhythms and harmonies of the "Glory To God," reminiscent of Gospel music, have deep roots in the African continent. The peoples of Africa have taught Missioners how to enjoy life and praise God even in the midst of hardship and suffering. The images and videos illustrating this section of the "Missa ad Gentes" (Mass to the Peoples) by J. Michael Joncas to commemorate Maryknoll's Centennial in 2011, start off in Africa then lift our hearts up literally to the highest heavens before bringing us back to Earth and people of good will.

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