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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mission Central

Religious superiors and council members began arriving today from around the United Stated, Canada, Mexico and Colombia for the annual meeting of Mission Institutes & Societies of Apostolic Life (MISAL) that begins here tomorrow.

I am presuming (always dangerous, to be sure) that said superiors will also participate in the Centenial Mass this Sunday at St. Patrick's Cathedral at 2 p.m.

The Maryknoll Centential Choir holds its final rehearsal this afternoon for that Mass.

But the BIG news is that, after MONTHS of memos and meetings, we will be streaming the Mass LIVE, not just via Chanel 15 but over the Internet, so anyone can watch no matter where they are in the world. (Granted, our guys in Asia might not be disposed to watch at 2 a.m., their time, and just wait for the DVD; guys in Latin America can watch at a reasonable hour and Africa can view it at 7 or 8 p.m.)

Here is the URL to watch via the Internet:

Of last minute àgita: the Cathedral staff notified us today that there were not enough chairs to accommodate all expected 75+ concelebrants as well as the 50+ member choir, so the singers either stand or go up in the back choir loft where we'll need walkie-talkies and telescopes to know what's happening around the main altar.

The one saving grace of the choir loft idea is that, unlike the cathedral itself, there is a bathroom up there.

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