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Friday, June 1, 2012

Maryknoll Alums Gather

About 60 former Society members are gathering tomorrow for a reunion.

Some came from quite a distance and arrived today, but most are coming in tomorrow. Society members are invited to join in their morning coffee break as well as the noon BBQ. They will have discussions during the day.

Also coming up next SUNDAY, June 10, is the much publicized and first ever Maryknoll Classic and Antique Car Show here on the grounds (the soccer field, to be precise). Advertized as "fun for the whole family" there will be raffles and tours, as well as judging of the vintage autos. This gathering is not just a fundraiser for the Society, but will hopefully introduce Maryknoll and our mission work to a whole new audience.

PLEASE join us in praying that the eratic weather pattern breaks and a sunny, warm but not humid day inspires many to come out to the Car Show.


[Blogger's note: the reasons for my own eratic postings in here are:

1) Nothing of interest was said or done;
2) Nobody tells me anything worth repeating;
3) Nobody tells me anything I dare repeat;
4) I am busy
5) I am lazy
6) All of the above

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