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Friday, August 24, 2012

Correction to the correction!

Fr. Jerry Burr writes from the Philippines:

 I am sure I will not be the only one to offer "corrections" .........and of course, I may be wrong....... (God forbid).......  but I believe others have checked out while on the G.C. Was not Fr. James Drought the VG when he crashed in a plane and died? Perhaps just a Council member......????

When I was matriculating in Theology, Fr. Gerard Grondin died, whilst on the Council. I think it went like this..... Pardy was VG and elected Bishop in Korea, Jackie Donovan moved up to Vicar slot, and Grondin was brought in to round out the Council.  I do remember being in the Rotunda during the wake, and SG Comber came in the door (from a three-month visitation trip) and asked me "Who died?"  I replied, Father Grondin..... Comber was SG and didn't know one of his Council guys died.

 Of course, if I am wrong on any of won't be the first time. 

Cheers!  Old Burr


Blogger's note: good to know you guys actually read this stuff and keep me on my toes!

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