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Friday, August 24, 2012


Fr. Ed Hayes, in from Africa, was gracious enough to point out an error in the previous post about the death of Fr. José Arámburu. I had stated José was the first incumbent General Council member to die. Not true, says Fr. Ed. In the mid 1960s,  Fr. Gerry Grondin was elected to the GC in Bishop Comber's Council, to fill the vacancy created when Father James Pardy left to become bishop in Korea. Fr. Grondin died in office. José is the first Maryknoll vicar general to die in office. (*Nope! See correction above!)

Many thanks also to Br. Kevin Dargan, (Maryknoll's answer to Google) for filling in these details.

Fr. Paul Masson, general council member, has arrived safely in Puerto Rico where he was to accompany the body of Fr. José back to his homeland for burial. As for Fr. José,  his remains took a little longer to arrive in San Juan. A Maryknoller to the end (and apparently beyond), José seemed determined to visit as much of the world as he can. But he finally made it back home and the funeral Mass and burial have already taken place.

And not a minute too soon:

Tropical Storm Isaac sideswiped P.R. and is now bearing down on Hispaniola, Cuba and perhaps Florida by Monday, by which time it might be upgraded to a full-blown hurricane.

Other interesting bits of news:

· Two weeks ago, some 60+ music ministers, directors and choir conductors gathered in our main chapel for a two-hour participatory sight-reading of new music coming out this year by GIA. The music ministers were from parishes in New York, but also from as far away as Ogdensburg and Baltimore. Thanks to our own music director, Mr. Christopher Reilly, for organizing this opportunity to introduce Maryknoll to a whole new constituency.

· This weekend, some 25 Sunday School teachers from St. Paul's Church in Flushing, NY, will be here for their annual workshop. (This is the same group that produced Sem. Dae Wook Kim and the same parish that gave us Fr. Alfonso Kim.)

· Four of our 10 seminarians are completing extra courses and structured autobiographies this week here at Mother Knoll. They'll be returning to Chicago on Sunday by car. (Oy!)

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