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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Book launch

Amid all the heightened security surrounding the United Nations with various and sundry heads of state, Orbis Books held a book launch for "Redeeming the Past", the memoirs of Fr. Michael Lapsley.

Lapsley is the Anglican priest who was working to end Apartheid in South Africa during the Bad Old Days. For his efforts he got both hands blown off by a letter bomb.

Apartheid now history, Michael founded the Institute for the Healing of Memories and travels around the world lecturing on the critical need and power of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Among the 100+ invited guests at today's book launch were Maryknoll Sisters President Janice McLaughlin (pictured speaking with Fr. Lapsley), Mr. Michael Lawrence, Orbis's national sales manager, Mr. Robert Ellsberg, Orbis publisher, and Ms. Emily Ruiz, videographer, and Mr. Valentín Concha-Nuñez, Maryknoll photographer and artist. Oh yes, and Your's Truly, blogmeister!

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