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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

God & Haiti

A CONVERSATION about God and Haiti took place yesterday afternoon in the Africa room with about 18 men participating. Convened and facilitated by Fr. Bill Frazier, participants said it was a thoughtful and open discussion, with opinions ranging from dualistic Manichaeism separating good and evil, soul and body (See Italian religiosity) to Hinduism's Goddess of Destruction, Shiva (ask Stephen). In the end all stood under the shadow of the cross which was the perfect segue for Frazier to pass out copies of a recent paper he's worked on. The participants will re-gather next week to continue the discussion.

In related matters, Fr. Romane St. Vil has assembled a group of doctors willing to volunteer their services. The logistic obstacle is one of travel, as American Airline originally offered free seats to doctors flying into Haiti, but commercial airlines do not now fly into Port-au-Prince. Flying into the Dominican Republic costs $400, so Romane is still trying to negotiate a cheaper rate.

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