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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An idea from Fr. Brian Barrons

This is from Fr. Brian Barron's Blog

LAST APRIL when Fr. Ed Dougherty was visiting Jilin, we had a chance to talk about Maryknoll's Centennial in 2011. Based on my experiences over the years of having US seminarians visit and help me with my ministries in both Tanzania and China, I suggested we try and get 100 U.S. Diocesan Seminarians to the Missions in 2011. I big challenge, but a good challenge!

Not too long ago I talked with Fr. Ed on the phone and he asked me to sort of help get things going with this idea of getting 100 US seminarians to the missions in 2011. (Prior to posting this on the bulletin board I have emailed a copy of it to Frs. Dougherty, Aramburu and Jalbert)

To pull something like this off next summer, I think we need to start looking at a few things asap!!

1. Which Maryknoll missions would be interested in welcoming one, two or more seminarians next summer? Actually anytime in 2011, but the summer seems the best time for the seminarians to do something like this. With some local group and Regional meetings coming up it would a great if some guys reading this post could put it on the agenda of their meetings.

2. The program hopefully won't involve buying 100 air tickets, but the expenses of the men while they are on the missions should be budgeted for. The seminarians who have spent time with me over the years pay their own way, which makes this idea financially feasible for Maryknoll.

3. If you have good relations with your hometown/ home diocese bishop or vocation director that might be of help when we get to the point of recruiting seminarians. I know from experience a program like this fits in well with the formation program at the North American College in Rome. (When the seminarians finish their first year of studies they are asked to find a summer pastoral placement in Europe or a mission country.) At this early stage Maryknollers can mention this idea in emails or letters to sort of let those important people know that we are thinking of doing this.

4. Hopefully our own seminarians can also take part in this program and share experiences with the diocesan seminarians. Last summer we had the Maryknoll seminarians (Mark and Lam) together with the North American College seminarians over here in China and it was great.

5. Post ideas on this bulletin board or send ideas to me at this email address: ,or to Fr. Jalbert in New York. If things take off and start looking good, others will be involved!

We need all sorts of ideas. Don't be afraid to add your two-cents.
I am hoping that as guys read this they will share the news with other Maryknollers (cut and paste if necessary) and we can turn this idea into something great for the US Church and the seminarians involved.

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