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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Of this and that

ANOTHER SIGN OF THE END TIMES: Whilst informally discussing just when salvation occurs according to Roman Catholic soteriology, Rabbi Veneroso of Amsterdam opined "At the moment one decides to give his or life over to Christ" but Rabbi Zunno of Williamsburg countered, "Only at the moment of death."

He was of the opinion that anytime before death opened the person up to sinning and therefore salvation could only be offered once that option passed. I appealed to the Gospel passage where Jesus calls Zachaias out of his tree and proposes going to his house for a little nosh. Zachaias responds by repaying any he may have defrauded over and above what the Law required, to which Jesus responded "Today (emphasis added) salvation has come to this house."

Mike was not convinced by anything Rabbi Jesus of Nazareth said, so we appealed to Rabbi Sivalon of Scranton who blew in from Pennsylvania (no doubt during the wind storm we suffered yesterday). Sivalon sought to distinguish between salvation through Jewish eyes and those of a Catholic persuasion when Rabbi Frazier of Sheol-on-Styx happened by. Zunno pleaded his case to him to which Frazier admonished: "Don't get hung up on death, Mike."

In other news: this came in some time ago from a loyal reader when we were discussing the all-elusive "Renewal of Maryknoll" topic. He wishes to remain anonymous to protect his cajones. His input:

"(I'm) blown away by the lack of participation up there at community: Eucharist, Monday rosary etc."

He remarked, "This place (Mother Knoll) is like any other condominium in Westchester. A bunch of old guys showing up for meals and TV. No seeming obligation to community life, prayer, Eucharist. Used to blow me away watching the crowd avoid the cemetery after a funeral Mass and head to the feed bin. Alas!!! If there ever will be a revival.....that stuff has to change first!

I pointed out that even when weather prohibits our going to the cemetery and we proceed directly to lunch after a funeral Mass, some guys are already down there finishing their meal.

He concluded: "Solidarity with the young fellows (is important) to whom (communal prayer) obviously has value and meaning. Many of our guys are waiting for and working for the birth of the "New Church". Well and good, I suppose. BUT....we are going to die before the new church is born....if we don't change our trajectory."

So the question is: when will salvation come to Maryknoll? Let's hope it's before our collective demise!

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