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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wayne's In!

BR. WAYNE FITZPATRICK'S ELECTION as first consultor to the U.S.
Regional Superior (Fr. Mike Duggan) has been approved by Rome,
according to Super G. Ed Dougherty.

Congratulations (again!) to Wayne. Ballots for the second consultor
will go out immediately. God willing, we'll have the full slate in
place by the time of our regional assembly in May.

Speaking of which, when he was still candidate Duggan last August and
there was a movement afoot to suppress, eliminate and otherwise
abolish the U. S. Region, Mike urged caution. Such a change, he said,
would best be handled by the entire region in person at our next

Well, surprise, surprise, now Regional Duggan says there won't be time
for this discussion in May and such a change were best handled by

And around we go.

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