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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election update from Maryknoll

Well, our own Fr. Jerry McCrane was in the right place at the right time doing the right thing when a Reuters photographer came by to snap a few pix. As a result, he and Our Lady of Maryknoll made the front page of the New York Times. And according to Fr. John Sivalon, this picture was also picked up by MSNBC. Check it out:

By the numbers, here at Ossining Voting District #24 the votes broke out this way:

Eligible, registered voters: 272
(many are overseas and vote absentee)

Cuomo (D) 54
Paladino (R) 16

Schumer (D) 53
Townsend (R) 17

Gillibrand (D) 49
DioGuardi (R) 19

Lowey (D) 55
Russell (R) 16

Oppenheimer (D) 51
Cohen (R) 17

Interestingly enough, as Maryknoll went, so went the candidates, with those winning here winning their races.

One anomaly, the Right To Life Candidates were VERY hard to locate on a notoriously hard-to-read ballot. They were scattered on the Green Party line (!) with Right to Life in very small print. Two Right To Life candidates for State Supreme Court Justice, Matthew Byrne and James Burke, garnered 8 and 10 votes respectively while the Democratic candidates pulled 45/46 votes each.

No word whether Jerry McCrane intends to parlay his new-found fame into a possible future run for office by throwing his beretta into the ring.

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  1. Uhmm... No results for those who voted for Green Party candidates?