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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Non-explosive meetings

The Conference of Major Superiors of Men, Region II (mainly the Tri-State area) has been meeting here since last night to plan and strategize. Twenty men gathered for this all-day meeting, hosted by Fr.Ed Dougherty and Fr. Mike Duggan. Nothing has made it as far as the salad bar but I'll keep you posted.

Whilst I and Fr. Ed Szendrey and aforementioned Mike Duggan were at choir practice yesterday afternoon for the upcoming annual Christmas concert (Dec. 10) and opening Centennial Mass (Jan. 25), the rest of the community was at the house meeting (except for the 40+ guys who had something else to do.)

But my anonymous source (a.k.a. Kevin Dargan) reports that Fr. Richard Callahan, on behalf of the I.T. Staff, presented an Emergency Recovery Plan whereby computers and back-up files would be stored in rooms adjacent to the Crypt. This would be used primarily should a fire --God forbid--or some other disaster (like a Palin presidency or Justin Bieber concert) renders the Price building unusable.

Hearing this, I had an immediate spell of deja vu, since we had this exact same issue, oh, 20 years ago. At that time the Diaster Preparation Committee (since then disbanded when they could prevent neither the Palin candidacy nor Bieber's career), decided to back-up files between the Price and Walsh Buildings. This became moot when Walsh went belly up (but rumors of an imminent reincarnation await final approval, then you'll read it here.)

Part Two of the house meeting was given over to Fr. Bob Jalbert and an update on all the Centennial preparations. Eleven Committees were not enough. Two more Committees, one for June 29 and another for Ossining) are about to be named.

Hmmm...with our rate of decline in numbers plus multiplication of Committees, mayhaps by June 29 every member will be on at least one Committee.

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