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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Guests and such

Last week, Fr.Mike Cerrone, who was a seminarian here about the time I was (mid 1970s) dropped by for an overnight visit. He has already retired (being a few years older than I, even though he was behind me in sem due to his military service). Mike had a successful career as a pastor in Savannah, Georgia. In fact, some years ago he brought a busload of parishioners here on pilgrimage.

Apparently since that time I have packed on a few (?) pounds which Mike was gracious enough to notice. He, in turn has gotten visibly older. The difference being, I can get thinner, he can't get any younger. But all is well, since he also mentioned how much he enjoys the photo reflections.

Former (and God-willing, future) Maryknoll seminarian Mr. Mark Zachar has been accepted to do two years Peace Corps service in Eastern Europe. Sounds like a creative and productive way for Mark to spend his time before reapplying to Maryknoll in 2013.

The heads of the major, regional MEP houses are here for a few days of planning and meetings.

Salesians from Port Chester (sems and priests) were here for a day of reflection yesterday.

Likewise, Mr. Pablo Talavera, from San Diego, was here over the weekend and left for home early this morning after taking the battery of psych tests as part of his application process. Pablo joined the 17 Maryknollers for the rosary last night in the Crypt. It was nice having the fruit of our prayers for vocations here with us.

Last but not least, 150 post masters will be here for lunch today. Note to residents:get to lunch before 12:30!

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