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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Return of the Super G

Father Ed Dougherty returned from his trip to Korea, but unfortunately he was not able to accompany Fr. Jerry (with a J) Hammond on a visit to the North. It seems while visiting the South, Doc picked up a bug (the viral/bacterial kind, not the electronic kind) which got him to experience first-hand the state-of-the-art medical facilities in Seoul. Jerry stayed with Doc through his recovery.

Now before you go all HIPA on me, I already asked Doc if I could share this with you and he said sure, "Just don't spin it." (Moi?) This did bring up a memory from my Peace Corps days when I visited Fr. Jerry (with a J) Hammond and he taught me about his "top theory" of leadership: "keep them spinning or they'll start spinning you."

Doc had high praise for Seoul's modernity and development and especially the hospitals. We agreed that Korea was a good place to get sick in. That being said, Doc looks visibly thinner because of his ordeal, but he doesn't recommend this as a weight loss program.

The Super G spoke highly of our men in Korea, mentioning Fr. Russ Feldmeier and Fr. Phil Mares by name as being involved in ministries with a direct impact on the Church in Korea by offering new ways of ministry and relating to others.

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