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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bourgeois update

By the time Yours Truly made the rounds table-hopping in the dining room, members were all abuzz about the news that Fr. Roy's days as a Maryknoller are numbered.

Fr. Jim Gilligan, our expert in canon law, was quick to clarify that as of today Roy is still in the Society, "but the process (of expulsion) has begun." According to Jim, a letter was sent to Roy giving him 15 days to publicly recant his position and activities promoting the ordination of women to the priesthood of the R.C. Church. Fifteen days after he receives that, if there is no recanting, a second letter is sent. Fifteen days after that, a formal letter of expulsion is sent to Roy and Rome is notified.

Reaction around the dining room to this news, first broke by NCR online, ranged from sadness to resignation to relief. No one was really surprised, although one priest was very upset.

Superior General Ed Dougherty explained that he was trying to keep his end of the agreement of maintaining silence while this process unfolded, but Roy contacted NCR and gave them a copy of Letter #1. "So I guess the cat is out of the bag," is how Doc reacted.

Among other things, now that mysterious email last week from internal auditor, Fr. Ed Szendrey, reiterating Maryknoll policy about individual Maryknollers deflecting inquiries from the press to Mr. Mike Virgintino, our media relations rep, suddenly makes sense.

Meanwhile, back in the dining room, guys were in agreement on two points: that, no matter what they thought of Roy personally or about his actions, Maryknoll leadership had been more than patient over the years, but especially since 2008. Also, once again it is Maryknoll which will probably suffer as a result. Indeed, the NCR article quoted a representative of the women's ordination movement calling for a letter campaign on behalf of Roy to our General Council.

One thing is clear to this blogger as he argued with Jim Gilligan as he split canonical hairs, if you know Roy, there is no way he will recant in the remaining days. Thus the headline of the original post remains: Bourgeois is out.

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