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Thursday, March 31, 2011

D'Escoto & Bourgeois

According to the NYT, defected Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa has contacted Fr. Miguel D'Escoto, former president of the UN General Assembly and former foreign minister of Nicaragua, to help negotiate behind the scenes for a departure for Moamar Gaddafi from Libya.

Complicating this already murky issue, Miguel is in the US on a tourist visa. (He had renounced his US citizenship when he became foreign minister in the 1980s.) The US State Department says any such diplomatic activity would be in violation of his visa.

In the mean time, it is reported that Miguel and his staff are ensconced in our 39th Street House wondering what the next moves are.

Aren't we all?

The reaction to the impending dismissal (not expulsion, according to our canon law expert) of Father Roy Bourgeois continues to sink in among the membership. If you think the d'Escoto situation is murky, you should hear the conversations around the salad bar. Some are very angry at our Council, some are angry at Roy, some support Roy's positions but not his tactics, some support Roy but resent the way he dragged Maryknoll into his crusades making this a lose/lose situation for the Society. Most were willing to accept this as a clear consequence of Roy disobeying his superior to not participate in further actions, but then Superior General Father Ed Dougherty complicated the issue by focusing again on women's ordination. Of particular note is Doc's contention that Roy's actions are a "cause for scandal" among Catholics and Maryknollers as well.

Taking exception to this position, Father Tom Henahan posted an email to the General Council asking them to cease any further action against Roy. Fr. Gene Toland has added his signature to this letter, but most here agree there is no way either Doc or Roy can back down at this unfortunate point.

Everyone is happy they are not superior general, except for Doc.

What a way to celebrate our Centenary year!

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