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Friday, March 4, 2011

Civility 101

Several Maryknollers at breakfast expressed disgust at having witnessed rather unsavory behavior by fellow missioners in the food line. To wit: guys who drop silverware on the floor and then just put in back (the three-second rule notwithstanding); guys who use half a package of jam and then return the uneaten portion to the condiments bar; guys who spill food on the counter or floor and simply walk away without informing the kitchen staff; guys who cut bananas into three parts and take the middle; guys who left their various used bandages and bandaids on the counter... You get the picture.

Granted, hygienic standards out in the bush, outback or alti plano may not equal those of Boston or even Westchester high society, but good grief. Add to this the penchant some have for viewing Society property as their own personal stash, guys who stake out the TV room every evening never let anyone chose a program and guys who (how to put this delicately?) need to reacquainted themselves with the benefits of frequent bathing and doing laundry and I'm beginning to appreciate why there are some guys who NEVER come to the Knoll, except for medical purposes and....

[Disclaimer: the above post shall not be construed in any way as indicative of life here at Maryknoll, where everyone is happy, mentally stable, well-balanced and filled with love and good cheer for all they encounter.]

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