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Sunday, March 13, 2011

From Fr. Roberto in Japan

I am sure you all are following the news of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan two days ago. Although Maryknollers received the following email from Fr. Roberto Rodriguez, I post it here precisely because many who read this blog are not Society members but are nonetheless concerned about Maryknoll. Let us continue to pray for the Japanese and all who suffer from this disaster.


Dear friends:
Thank you for all your messages of Solidarity and Prayers for the people here in Japan. 
It is very comforting to receive them and to count on your prayers during such terrible situation here in Japan.
The earthquake, which measured 8.9, and the tsunami had been devastating for many people and communities here in Japan. Some places close to the Sendai Prefecture, where the epicenter of the earthquake was, had been covered up with water and destroyed due to its impact. At the moment there are many fires burning in several places throughout the country, trains are no running and other public services are down too. There is fear that one of the nuclear plants is not shutdown totally and radiation may be leaking. There had been more than 30 after shocks and they are continuing. Some of them are very strong measuring more than 5.0 in the scale and last for a long time.  People are afraid and trying to cope as well as they can.
Personally I am doing fine and everyone here in the house is good too. Thank you for your messages of concern regarding myself, the Maryknollers in Japan and the people of this country.
Let us continue to pray for all the victims of this terrible earthquake and that calm/peace may return soon to this beautiful land of the Rising Sun.  
Ever grateful your friend Roberto

Rev. Roberto Rodriguez, MM
Maryknoll Missioners
6-2 Kioicho
Tokyo 102-0094 JAPAN

Tel.: 03-3261-7283
Fax.: 03-3222-0726

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