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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

House meeting 2/17

TWENTY-FOUR of the 85 residents attended.

The Ill-named E.A.T. (Emergency Assistance Team) has been renamed the M.E.T. (Medical Emergency Team) and volunteers are still needed for this important ministry to accompany men to the hospital when they have a medical emergency.

Center Coordinator Nancy Kleppel asks that Maryknollers give the 941-7636 number plus their extension to family and friends so they can call rooms directly instead of going through our switchboard operators, who have been getting inundated with literally tens of thousands of calls in recent months.

A Lenten day of reflection and penance service may be scheduled for the second week in March.

Br. McKenna asks that people not be so helpful and not remove the fliers for his Thursday night movies from the bulletin boards.

Br. Kevin Dargan recited a long list of periodicals that have disappeared and pleaded with the men to return whatever they "borrowed." He suggested moving the security camera to focus on the periodical room door instead of the library entrance.

Fr. Joe Veneroso's suggestion that the room be locked whenever the library is closed went over like the proverbial lead balloon.

Leading in the race for the all-important House Committee to replace Fr. Tom Keefe and Fr. Dan Jensen who have moved to St. T's are:

Fr. Mike Zunno, Br. Tom Hickey and Fr. Joe Veneroso, each with 4 votes.

Br. Kevin Dargan and Fr. Tom Ahearn got 3 votes each.

Mike and Tom asked their names be removed. A motion was made to appoint the remaining three to the House Committe and a resounding yawn of apathy carried the motion.

An attempt to resurrect the monthly Quality of Life meeting died a'borning.

The meeting mercifully ended at 4:30.

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