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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Three tidbits

RESULTS ARE INCONCLUSIVE (so, what else is new?) in the never-ending balloting to elect a U.S. Regional Council. Both Father Bob Jalbert and Father Ed Szendrey led the list of four, but neither garnered a majority of votes.

So their names as well as those of the other two also-rans, Br. Tom Hickey and Fr. John Moran will appear on the (mercifully) final ballot to go out. We will chose ONE name and the top two vote-getters will be pronounced the Second and Third Assistant. Recall: the first straw ballot for U.S. Regional went out last April. Oy vey!

Oddly enough, the newly constituted House Council (Lukaschek, Blazo, Dargan, Ahearn and moi) is actually larger than either the Regional or General Council. I guess the smaller the unit, the more men needed to take the mean to govern.


BR. WAYNE FITZPATRICK announced today that Fr. Jim Gavin, ofm Cap., of Brooklyn, will lead us in a Lenten day of prayer on Tuesday, March 23. The theme has yet to be chosen but chances are it will have something to do with repentance, conversion and maybe death. Just a guess.


FR. RAY FINCH made a cameo appearance yesterday, and today returned to the 39th St. House in preparation for his return to Bolivia. (Or is it Peru? Chile? Someplace down there.)

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