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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


• WE BID FAREWELL and buried Fr. Jim O'Neill (Japan) today in what can only be called, in all Christian charity, a liturgical train-wreck. The proposed fixed-position closed-circuit camera can be installed in the back of the chapel none-too-soon, where at very least our men in formation can review the DVD and learn many ways how not to say Mass. Not to be totally negative, for once the incensing was actually done correctly, i.e., no incensing the body during the offertory as if adapting an Aztec rite of human sacrifice. (Un)fortunatately we'll have another opportunity to get it right e'er long.

• The first ballot for the second Regional Assistant surfaced the following names: Fr. Bob Jalbert, Fr. Ed Szendrey, Fr. John Moran and Br. Tom Hickey. Since no one received a majority of votes, another ballot will go out in which men will be asked to chose two of the four names.

• Fr. Ernie Lukaschek, pastoral coordinator, asks prayers as he undergoes exploratory surgery tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb 3) on his kidney. Please send Ernie your palanca, blessings, prayers and good vibes.

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