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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Centenary Committee Report

Father Bob Jalbert, head of MEPD, showed a PowerPoint presentation starting with a quote from the 12th General Chapter. He told us we need to mindful of other celebrations: 40 Years for Orbis in 2010, 35 for the lay missioners as well as 100 for the Sisters in 2012.

In broad strokes, here is what's planned next year.

In January 2011 a Mass will open the Jubilee Year
In February we will co-sponsor a mission trip overseas for PMUSA diocesan directors.
In April Father Dougherty will address the PMUSA Diocesan Directors
The May MISAL meeting is postponed to October
June 1-4 missiologists will lead us in reflections on new directions in mission.
September ALUMNAE WELCOME HOME will have two keynote addresses.
OCTOBER 6-8 mission symposium at CTU
October 30 Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral
November National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis. (Attracted 20,000 in 2009)
December formal closing liturgy

I noted in the Q & A that I noticed nothing was scheduled for our actual Foundation Day of June 29th, not even a cake. Bob said (yet another) committee will soon be formed. I offered a suggestion we as Maryknollers recite the Angelus every noon from June 29, 2010 to June 29, 2011. It would cost us no money, is incarnational, and focuses on the BVM. And it just may rekindle the fires of our Maryknoll spirituality.

Throughout 2011 MEPD there will be sponsors events at Center and local events with the magazines and media

The Alumnae "Welcome Home" weekend will have two keynote addresses
*Facing 21st century of mission
*Missio Dei and other breakthroughs

Plus ecology, spirituality, prophetic witness and social justice issues will be addressed.

For the symposium in Chicago there will be one of two topics: "To the Peoples: Maryknoll, the Church and future of mission"
Or "The church in mission: affirming the past, charting the future."

The goal is to reach as large an audience as possible with these programs.
Exam the trends impacting mission today.

Our four mission centers around the U.S. will contact their dioceses to organize events to commemorate our 100th. Various Benefactors Appreciation Days are planned.

Regions overseas: Africa will have a regional retreat with Mr. Robert Ellsberg giving talks on our Founders. There will be symposia in Nairobi in April.
In June a gathering of Africa bishops will focus on the Maryknoll presence.

In Asia Society Members will gather at Stanley for events and then make a pilgrimage to China. There will also be an All-Asia Society assembly

Latin America will celebrate in Cochabomba.

There will four books by Orbis for our centenary and both magazines will commemorate our 100th.

We will try to foster a spirit of collaboration and closer partnership with the other Maryknoll entities.

Between 2011-2012 there will be four reflection days and retreats with the Fathers & Brothers and Sisters.

There will be an event in Washington, D.C. With the Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns.

Eight committees are humming away as we speak.

Various and sundry other proposals have been received from the membership and are under consideration. These will all be made accessible and communicated to the membership via very high tech media.

A Logo expressing "The Gift of Mission" has been designed by the art department. It met with mixed results.

Bob ended with a quote for Fr. Patrick Byrne's departure in 1923 about the seed dying etc.

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  1. Dear Joe,

    Thanks for sharing the future events for Maryknoll's 100 years of life, the Society of Priests and Brothers and also our Maryknoll Sisters.
    I enjoy reading your blog.

    Frank Dolphin