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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Father General

Father General Ed Dougherty gave his State of the Society talk this morning session of the U.S. regional Assembly.

He introduced the new world area leadership, whose superiors will gather for the ELB next month.

He called for "all hands on deck" for next years' centenary celebration over and beyond what the committee has planned, which Bob Jalbert will tell us about later.

Dougherty gave us an update on the causes (for canonization) for the founders. Bishop Walsh's cause will be taken up by New York and he expected Fr. Price's cause to be taken up by North Carolina with the blessing of their priests' council.

Shawn Crumb and Philip Yang will take their first oath later today. Lam Hua will renew his temporary oath and Rodrigo Ulloa will take his permanent oath to the Society. At 28 years of age, Rodrigo's entry into our ranks as a permanent member will no doubt lower our median age (from 75.9 years to 74.2).

Dougherty then gave a VERY brief version of our finances, basically saying the budget remains the same for next year.

Some "hiccups" in providing needed healthcare for our members in the past year will be fixed, Doc said. (One hopes by doing more than holding our breath and then drinking water.)

Doc then quoted an essay from Fr. Jim Kroeger some years back that whatever we do, we should do "with a missionary heart."

Doc referred to Fr. Finch and Fr. Sivalon wanting to see this place as "Mission Center" even though it will continue to be a place of retirement and assisted living.

Maryknoll Magazine and Revista will be cut down to six issues a year. How this will impact the successful and effective school bulk program spearheaded by Managing Editor Ms. Marge Gaughan remains to be seen.

At the behest of the bishops, Maryknoll will sponsor two Vietnamese seminarians who will study English and then attend maybe attend Mundelein seminary.

Fr. Emile Dumas was once again welcomed back to the Center as he assumes his new role as the Pastoral Coordinator of St. Theresa's.

Some stateside positions are opening up for any member who might be interested. He noted specifically media relations, from which Ms. Betsey Guest is retiring at the end of next month.

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