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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

House meeting

House meeting minutes for May 19, 2010

Twenty two of the 85 residents attended this last house meeting before the all-important US Regional Assembly which runs Monday evening through Thursday noon next week. A special Mass at 4 p.m. on Thursday, May 27, will celebrate temporary oaths of seminarians who will be here following their retreat this week in New Jersey.

May 25, 26, 27 jubilees will be celebrated by 39 Maryknollers with some 800 guests expected.

On Thursday June 3 there will be the Employees Awards luncheon following a prayer service at 11:00.

June 7-18th the ELB (Extended Leadership Board) will meet.

On June 14th there will be a "Karibu Cafe" of African food and music during lunch.

Foundation Day as usual will be celebrated the weekend of June 29

Three years ago Michael Joncas, prominent Catholic composer ("On Eagles Wings"), agreed to compose a special Mass for our centenary. After much dialog, he has completed the "Missa ad Gentes" (subtitled: On the Centenary of the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers) and will cut a CD in a Chicago recording studio to be made available at the liturgical musicians convention this summer in Detroit. The music will also be included in the new hymnals published by GIA Sacred Music Publications and yes, it will be the new "improved" translation of the Mass.

Reminder of dress code especially in the dining room as the summer months approach: no cut-offs, short shorts, gym clothes, tank tops or hats.

Once again Br. Kevin Dargan pleaded with the men not to take periodicals out of the reading room especially NCR, but given the small attendance at the meeting it is likely the persons responsible might not get the message.

Food committee: There will be many groups coming through in May and June like the 150 postal workers who came through yesterday. This raises the question: Do we continue to welcome outside groups who have no connection to mission or religion or education?

This set off a lively discussion. Some said it helped get Maryknoll's name out. Others wondered what financial benefit was in it for Maryknoll, as our physical plant people are used to set up the extra tables and chairs. A more basic question was: Does Maryknoll have any say as to who comes in? The house committee will meet with Nancy Kleppel and Barbara Delph to review policy towards outside groups. A general feeling was that a Maryknoller should have input, if not the final say.

Large screen TV is gone from 4th Floor Rec Room after it was reported as out-of-order and supposedly unfixible. This is also an example of decisions being made without the knowledge or approval of a Maryknoller in charge.

For all this, the meeting only lasted 45 minutes.

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