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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Deacons & Wives in Mission

From Friday, May 7 till Monday, May 10, several permanent deacons and their wives will come to Maryknoll from around the country to pray, reflect, share and strategize ways to be more involved in mission.

Seated above, from left to right, are Rev. Mr. Baldwin and Mrs. Ellen Powell, from Jamaica, West Indies; Rev. Mr. Joe and Patty Symkowick, from Sacramento, CA; and Ray and Jean Knoll, from the diocese of Santa Rosa, CA.

Deacon Baldwin wanted to give a shout out to Father Leo Shea to assure him he was indeed working.

Deacon Joe also works for CRS (I'm not sure what he does in his spare time) and his wife Patty is a Maryknol Affiliate.

Deacon Ray and Jean coordinate mission appeals in their diocese and have been encouraged by Bishop Daniel Walsh to give priority to Maryknoll Father & Brothers, Sisters and Lay Missioners. (Now if Jean would only change her name to Mary, that would be sooo cool.)

According to Rev. Mr. Steve DiMartino, coordinator of Maryknoll's vocations ministries and co-facilitator of this weekend's retreat with Deacon Matt Dulke from our promotion house in the Bay area, some nine deacon couples from every region around the States are gathered here for the weekend.

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