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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Live! From the U.S. Regional Assembly!

We opened with morning prayer taken from the breviary! (Not one tree was hugged, nor kumbaya sung.)

R.S. Mike Duggan gave a brief state of the region, which now has 68 members and is arguably the largest MK region. We have 83 members in residence here in the Center including retirees. Triennial visitations are already underway. Next year members with faculties in the NY archdiocese will need recertification through the Praesidium program (which exempts us from having to attend the otherwise mandatory gathering at Dunwoodie seminary next month.)

The overarching theme of the assembly is "Renewal in the context of being a Maryknoller."

Creation of a Mission Center here, long under discussion, will go forward facilitated by Frs. Dave LaBuda, Bill Boteler and Gerry Kelly. They have been visiting bishops around the country and see the Center as helping diocese and parishes around the country in twinning with places overseas.

Concern was raised by members that we are already behind the curve or may be duplicating efforts already underway by USCMA and Propaganda Fide. Several dioceses are already doing this. The men suggest we communicate with mission offices not just bishops. Global solidarity is already being promoted by groups like CRS and they would welcome us but don't want or need us to tell them what to do. We need to be humble in this, it was suggested, because we do have a good reputation in the mission field but we are no longer the only game in town.

Br. Wayne, first assistant, then gave a preview of what the "Open Space" dynamic will be later in the assembly on Thursday, to afford opportunities to raise and discuss topics of concern to men that have not be adequately addressed.

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