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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Advent busyness

Sorry for my silence, folks. Things get crazy just before Christmas, as I'm sure you understand. Some interesting things are going on, however. This, from Fr. Richard Callahan:

The results of the Maryknoll Farm (a.k.a. the “Pachamama” Farm) for 2010 are in:  33,000 pounds (sixteen and a half TONS) of vegetables and fruit were distributed to six food banks in the area. Over the past nine years since the farm was started, it has produced and distributed 158,000 pounds of food to the food banks. Special thanks to Fathers John and Fern and to their many volunteers for taking seriously Jesus’ command to “feed the hungry” in our midst. ~Richard B. Callahan, M.M.

Following the gas leak (which is not totally repaired) Sodexo made the switch over to propane. Four huge tanks are now outside the kitchen.

Vocation ministers, Admissions, Initial and Lifelong Formation people have concluded a productive three-day meeting here.

Superior General Fr. Ed Dougherty has asked for a "Town Hall" meeting. But here's where the buzz at the salad bar gets tossed. Some say he will meet with only Society Members this Wednesday, others say it will be in January, and still others say that's for Maryknoll Employees as well. The term "Town Hall" evokes nervous laughter from the troops. Perhaps they're thinking about the raucous Town Hall meetings the Tea Partiers held two summers ago. In any event, no matter when it's held, it's sure to make a buzz.

In planning for our opening ceremony on January 25, the intention is to precede the liturgy with a procession of flags of all the (42) places we've worked in our 100 years. Maryknollers would carry in each flag in chronological order and the emcee would announce each flag, i.e. The United States of America, 1911 (accompanied by the papal flag), China, 1918 etc. One diplomatic kerfuffle might arise as the Palestinian flag (1990) enters and is announced as such. Would our expected Jewish guests be offended? Yet we could not in good conscience bring in the Israeli flag. One suggestion is to announce it as "Bethlehem" instead of "Palestine."

While attending a retreat up at Graymoor for our Korean junior high students from Queens, I spoke of our up-coming Centennary with some of the friars. They, in turn, told me of some of their up-coming events next year, including a Mass to be celebrated there by Archbishop Dolan on-----October 30. To those of you unfamiliar with all our planned celebrations, that is the same day His Emminence is scheduled to be the main celebrant at our official Centennary Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral. Now, I've heard from those who know him well and it's quite possible he'll be able to be in both places. Let's just hope he can and we don't go down to St. Pats just to say Mass by ourselves.


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