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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Clarified clarifications

More details are coming in from the house meeting which, if you haven't figured out, I did not attend having procured tickets for one of the last remaing performances of West Side Story.

* Having heard reports of our previous meeting, Father General said he came protected by two Council Members. (like Brutus escorting Caesar to the Senate?)

* It may take $5M+ to make Bethany inhabitable and bring it up to code. (Blogger's note: I don't know where the rumor got started that we paid the lay missioners $1 for Bethany. It may be a recycling of the historical incident where we paid the Sisters $1 for our property back in the day.)

* The cause for canonization of Bishop Walsh was separated from that of Fr. Price ostensibly to make it easier. The diocese of Raleigh would do the legwork for their homeboy. (Wouldn't that double the cost?)

* Fr. Dougherty reminded the men that harassment charges encompass more than sexual misconduct. If our words or behavior repeatedly make an employee feel he or she is working in a hostile environment, that can justify a harassment allegation. (Gee, too bad Maryknollers can't bring charges against fellow Missioners.)

* Fr. Dougherty also made a cryptic comment about the weather in Navarre, France (where the heart of Fr. Price is entombed at the foot of St.Bernadette) being "as cold as the reception." No word whether the General Council will bring harassment charges against the Sisters of Charity.

* On a positive note, Doc welcomed Fr. Jim Madden to the vocation team and said the transition from Fr. Dennis Moorman will take place in March 2011. And, keeping our fingers crossed, there may be a "bumper crop" of new candidates accepted into formation.

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