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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fr. Dougherty's topics

At the Town Hall meeting with Society residents yesterday, Doc touched on the following topics:

* His trip to Rome

* The Cause for the canonization of Bishop James A. Walsh will be formally opened on January 24, 2011.Bishop Michael Burbridge of Raleigh, North Carolina will be here at Maryknoll for this and the Opening Liturgy on January 25.

* The Bethany deal has not yet been totally worked out (when the Society reposseses ownership.)

* Society members vacation allowance will be restored.

Father Dave Smith, our CFO, sent in the following clarification about the employees COLA raises:

Hi Joe,
Thanks for your recent blogs. I just wanted to alert you to a slight correction that you might want to make in case any of the Society employees read your blog. When the GC announced a 3% COLA raise, they also stipulated a minimum $2000 COLA raise. In other words, the employee will receive either a 3% raise or a $2000 raise, whichever is larger. For many it will be the latter. The point at which 3% becomes larger than $2000 is when someone’s current gross salary is $66,667. Anyone currently receiving less than that amount will receive the $2000 raise.


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