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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Channel 15 Milestone

Last Friday's record-breaking attendance at the Christmas concert wasn't the only first. The entire concert, from beginning to end, was televised live on Channel 15 from a permanent camera mounted next to the clock atop the wooden arches in the back of the chapel. (Special mention in my blog will go to anyone who can tell me what that piece of wordwork separating vestibule from nave is called. Even Google the Great failed me.)

Ms. Kathy Brophy, from her remote position in the VCR/DVD room next to the Africa Room, was able to remotely control camera angles, zoom and focus throughout the concert, which was shown live in our main building as well as at St. Teresa's. The concert was also recorded for replay at later times so I will be able to check if she captured my good side during my 30-second solo! More than one Maryknoller, seeing the overflow crowd, either gave up his seat so a guest could be seated or simply gave up trying to get into the chapel, and returned to watch the concert in the comfort and privacy of their own rooms.

This permanent camera situated in an unobtrusive spot on top the (word for those wooden arches) will serve us well during our planned Centenary Masses next year, as well as future ordinations, sending ceremonies, Jubilees and funerals.

Br. Wayne Fitzpatrick must be credited and thanked for successfully and persistently shepherding this project through many complicated bureaucratic hurdles and budgetary setbacks. His perseverance paid off with our men in St. T's able to enjoy the concert and witness the first of many historic gatherings.

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