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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Errata (and other annoyances)

OK, so the Brothers have had at least FIVE gatherings over the years, so sue me. Of more import, Brother Mark Huntington came in from his mission in Mwanza, Tanzania, not Namibia.

(FYI and to the best of my knowledge, there has never been an assembly exclusively for Maryknoll priests. But let's let sleeping dogs lie and not upset the hornets' nest, as it were.)

Yester-evening Br. Kevin Dargan showed a slide presentation he had prepared on the history of the Maryknoll Brothers. About half the Brothers and I, as token presbyter, attended.

Today, they heard from Br. Herman Johnson, O.P., president of the Religious Brothers Conference of the United States.

Not being a Brother, I am not privy to their deliberations, but I shall linger longer around the salad bar later and see what the buzz is.

Speaking of buzz, I hear Father General is in Rome even as we speak. On what business I do not know but I (and others) can guess. *sigh*

Also, the unsolved Case of the Missing Purificators took a bizarre twist yesterday when they all suddenly mysteriously reappeared---in the soiled linen drawer in the sacristy! And the whole drawer of clean purificators is now missing. And a soiled alb was hung in the closet. Clearly some misguided sacerdotal type is using us as his personal laundry service.

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