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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Times of the signs

This sign is one of two "mock-ups" in front of our main building to check what people think of the idea. Originally the plan called for two identical signs, one on each side of the same driveway; one facing north on Ryder Road and the other, south.

Since I was asked for my opinion, allow me to mock them up.

I hate the shape. It looks like faux Oriental or something. Why not replicate the very tastefully constructed directional signs already on the property indicating where each building is?

And why have both signs at the very same entrance? If someone has gotten that far and doesn't know what that ginormous seven-story Oriental-looking building is right in front of them, perhaps they've come to the wrong place. Actually, at this site, these would make THREE signs if you count the original bronze one for the CFMSA. ¿Como se dice "overkill" in Kiswahili?"

Why not put one at the southern boundary of our property and the other between here and St. T's?

The main entrance at the top of Brookside really doesn't need further explanation, does it?

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