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Friday, July 29, 2011

Vocation Encounter

Thirty youngish people are expected at Maryknoll today to participate in the annual Mission Vocation Encounter weekend. This brings together young people from around the country who want to check out the four types of vocation Maryknoll offers: priest, Brother, Sister or lay missioner.

What makes this encounter unique is that all interested people gather together on the same weekend, so they can hear each others' stories as well as hear from representatives of each entity. Thus, a young man who is not sure if he is better suited to be a lay missioner, Brother or Father can hear from each group and ask questions. Likewise, a woman can check out both the lay Missioners and the Sisters.

And no, a woman cannot apply to both lay missioners and priests...and be accepted. (Yet.)Letters of protest calling for change can be sent to the proper office: the Vatican.

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