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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just for us

If you haven't had your fill of Centennial celebrations (more than one person observed that this year feels like it's lasting a century), today at Mother Knoll is billed as a day of festivities "Just for us."

That being said, today resembles most other days, with Mass at 11:30, followed by "rest" (read: nap!). Then, according to the flier, the afternoon will offer (ready?) games, volleyball, softball and touch football (!). The flier wryly points out that ambulances will be in waiting. (Our challenge to the men at St. T's has gone unanswered.)

There will be (yet another) BBQ this evening with wine & beer, though I doubt this will be sufficient to lure the faithful from the sacrosanct Happy Hour on the Third Floor. Throughout the day various vintage DVDs of mission work in years past will be shown in the corresponding rooms: Asia, Africa, South America and Central Ameeica.

Finally, Of God's & Men will be shown in the Asia Room at 7:30. Then we will be free of all Centenary celebrations, at least until the reunion gathering in September of 1,000+ former and members featuring Eugene Kennedy et al.

In other news: Superior General Fr. Ed Dougherty successfully hid out all day yesterday under the mistaken notion that if no one sings Happy Birthday to him he won't get older.

Fr. Dennis Moorman returned yesterday from the Explore My Mission trip to Taiwan and Korea with this year's winners, Ms. Danielle Alio and Mr. Joseph Houde. You can read about their Asian adventures at

Dennis said that of all the many Maryknoll regions he has visited over the years with great hospitality everywhere, the reception they received at the Seoul House was memorable in that the welcome was tangible from all the men as a group.(Nice going. Now our secret is out!)

And today is not only Dennis' birthday, but Fr. Ed Szendrey's as well! Yikes, we're aging by the minute!

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