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Monday, July 25, 2011

Rainy days and Mondays

Our prayerful condolences go out to our superior general, Father Ed Dougherty, on the death of his brother Gregory who passed away today at the age of 56. A memorial service will be held at a later date.


Prayers for a speedy recovery to Fr. Dennis Moorman, visiting home in Indiana when he suffered an outbreak of shingles. Lest you think this is violating his privacy, he posted this himself on his Facebook page, which many here at the Knoll STILL cannot access.


Today brought much needed relief from the stifling heat wave of 100+ degrees we've suffered over the past few days. Today was overcast, rainy and cool, but the heat and humidity is expected to rise by week's end.


The stump of the now defunct English elm was removed today. Plans are to plant another tree in the fall, but NOT another elm, according to a second-hand source quoting Fr. Richard Callahan, our arborologist. Apparently whatever killed off our 86-year-old tree is still lurking in the vast subterranean roots that remain buried. This would most likely infest any new elm before it even had a chance.

More's the pity, because there had been talk of transplanting one of the three remaining elms first planted by then seminarian John Barth back in the 1980s. One elm still graces the roadway leading down to the dump from the upper cemetery. This will now remain undisturbed as a new species is sought.


Twenty men gathered around the Founders' Tomb for the weekly rosary for vocations---an all-time record! Joining the 16 members in prayer were two Maryknoll seminarians and two Vietnamese seminarians with us for the summer from the archdiocese of Hanoi who are studying at the SVD seminary in Epworth, Iowa.


The search continues for a music and choir director to succeed (no one can ever replace!) Ms. Lucille Naughton who plans to retire at the end of September (but will assist at the Centenary Mass at St. Patrick's cathedral on October 30.)


A new policy has been put into place by which Society members wishing to avail themselves of gasoline at our garage will find the pump locked during lunch hour and whenever Mr. Ivan Reyes, our mechanic, is away. But not to fret! A phone in the box next to the garage door will automatically ring Security to come and unlock the pump for you. I will not divulge just why such a policy is necessary, but suffice it to say this mystery is filed along with the Case of the Diasappearing Purificators, Vestments, Holy Water Bucket and Aspergellum, National Catholic Reporter, AMERICA and Magnificat publications, not to mention the two HUGE Chinese vases.

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